Highest Drop Test

Quanta's Capabilities

  • “True” Guided drop testing up to 15 feet
    (One of the tallest Guided Test Machines in the world!)
  • Holds samples in desired orientation throughout the length of the fall
  • Samples released just before impact for a true free fall result
  • Drop onto Wood, Concrete, Steel, or Granite
  • Drop units weighing up to 5Kg (11 lbs.)
  • Drop units up to 13” x 15” x 15” in size. (330mm x 380mm x 380mm)
  • Ideal for MIL-STD-810 26 drop test regimens (6 faces, 8 corners, and 12 edges)
  • Ideal for ISTA Test Procedures (drop on specific corners and edges)

Small_Sampler Small Sample Holder (Suction Cups)

Large_Sampler Large Sample Holder (Gripper)



Verify test unit’s ability to survive drops at any height up to 15 feet in a specific orientation when landing on the most vulnerable sides, corners, and edges.

Quanta's Experience

Quanta conducts drop testing at various heights onto various surfaces to help clients verify that their mechanical designs are sturdy and robust. With the addition of the Guided Drop Test Machine this verification process is enhanced by increasing the repeatability of the test results. In addition, with complete control over how the test unit lands the drop test procedure can also be used for trouble-shooting efforts to help pin down the causes of any mechanical failures.